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Sunken Eyes Enophthalmos

Sunken eyes are common after someone has suffered an orbital fracture or other trauma.  Sunken eyes can occur after orbital decompression surgery required by someone suffering with Grave’s Disease. Sunken Eyes can occur following Blepharoplasty when too much fatty tissue has been removed (volume deficiency) – or sunken eyes may simply be normal in some people. Dr. Cole provides safe, effective treatment for sunken eyes (Enophthalmos) by restoring lost volume and/or surgically repairing orbital fractures.  The use of orbital floor implant material that mimics bone called Medpor, AlloDerm grafts and/or injectable dermal fillers are options that achieve natural looking results to eliminate the hollowness of sunken eyes.


  • Volume replacement can correct progressive sinking of one or both eyes
  • Volume replacement can correct globe ptosis (narrowed vertical eyelid)
  • Volume replacement can improve deepened upper eyelid creases
  • Volume replacement helps correct a downward displaced eye (hypoglobus)
  • Volume replacement by grafts or injections results in more volume
  • Orbital Fracture Repair employs surgical implants to raise the orbital contents upward – to stabilize it – to prevent re-settling downward


Sunken eyes is clinically referred to as enophthalmos – a condition caused by loss of volume in the orbital area from facial fractures, birth defects (inadequate development of the orbital cavity), previous medical treatments, disease such as Graves Disease and Silent Sinus Syndrome or other trauma.  This may result in the eye (orbital contents) actually being displaced downward along with deepened creases in the upper eyelid, lost fullness of fat bulge in upper and lower eyelids and other possible symptoms.  Facial symmetry is of course affected also.  Sunken eyes can occur at any age and is treatable at any age.  Dr. Cole will educate you about your condition and the various treatments – determining the one that is correct for your condition.


ORBITAL FRACTURE REPAIR – involves using grafts – either the patients own bone or synthetic materials that mimics bone (MedPor).  This implant is placed on the floor of the eye socket (underneath the eyeball) and helps to raise the orbital contents upward.  The implant also stabilizes to prevent the orbital contents from settling down too low again. Orbital fractures occur at any age – perhaps from playing sports, an accident or other trauma.  The trauma causes orbital decompression (loss of volume) and the downward displacement of the orbital contents. Dr. Cole performs surgical orbital fracture repair to correct this condition, to restore normal eye function and cosmetic appearance also.

VOLUME REPLACEMENT – involves correcting volume deficiency when the upper or lower eyelids appear hollowed out.  This condition may occur naturally in some people but is usually the result of Blepharoplasty when too much fat has been removed.  When it occurs in the upper eyelid, hollowness is referred to as A-frame defect since the eyelid crease resembles a triangle or letter A shape. In the lower lids, sunken eyes are referred to as a tear trough defect.  Both types of deficiencies are corrected using AlloDerm Grafts which are partially absorbed by the body while the remainder forms a supportive matrix with the bodies own tissue.  Dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm and Restylane can also be added to add volume. 


What Is The Most Common Cause Of Sunken Eyes - Enophthalmos?
The most common cause of sunken eyes is Orbital Fracture from an accident or other trauma.  A sneeze that forces air into the orbit can cause orbital fracture.

What Are Other Common Causes Of Sunken Eyes?
Other causes of sunken eyes – enophthalmos include volume loss associated with Graves Disease or other diseases such as Silent Sinus Syndrome which causes collapse or the maxillary sinus and orbital floor, birth defect – involving inadequate development, or volume loss from Blepharoplasty when too much fatty tissue has been removed, concussive trauma or severe inflammation or infection – and other possible causes.

Is Surgery Always Necessary To Correct Sunken Eyes Condition?
NO.  Surgery is required when and orbital fracture has occurred –otherwise volume replacement typically works well.

Where Does Dr. Cole Perform Orbital Fracture Repair Surgery?
Dr. Cole performs surgeries in his state-of-the-art JCAHO accredited surgical suite, Specialty Surgery Center. This is a fully certified, state and federally licensed surgery center that meets the same pristine standards as hospitals and large outpatient facilities and is fully equipped with the most advanced technologies available today.  Dr. Cole and his staff are prepared and able to handle any situation that may arise.

Are The Volume Replacement Fillers Really Effective?
YES.  Dr. Cole uses only the safest, most effective procedures and products – and those that are proven reliable.


Dr. Cole is a quadruple board certified surgeon which means he has met the rigorous high standards and training requirements of four medical boards.  This involved several years more of specialized training and experience in all four areas – in addition to medical school, internships, residencies, fellowship training and vast experience. Board certification does not guarantee a certain outcome, but it does ensure specialized training skill and expertise far beyond the norm.
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